About us


Mae Teeta is my Grandma name, who reform the traditional indigo dyed that had disappeared from Thailand in the past 50 years.  One of the key inspirations for Mae Teeta was the natural indigo-dyed skirts Praphaiphan got from her mother (grandma Teeta) when she was at university. Upon graduating, mom invited Grandma Teeta to reform this traditional natural indigo dyed techniques with her. Her journey that  took her from the depth of the forests, searching for the elusive indigo seed, to the local market to find the experts of indigo dying from times gone by.

I wish to continue this heritage wisdom. I wish to create the community where they can earn and live both old and young without going to the labor system. And we proud to be among the few that help preserve this natural and local heritage of Thailand.

Materials are local harvested cotton and 100% traditional indigo dyed, no-synthetic chemical added,there aren't any waste, dust, and pollution.We yield cotton and Indigo in our community, weaving by locals using traditional loom  which all the steps in the creation of cloth from the preparation of the ground to the final weaving of fabric are non-machine .The processes used have remained unchanged for centuries, and it provides innovative designs while consciously continuing the charm of this heritage.


Our philosophy

To create a permanent record, as storyteller,in the form of woven cloth through embedded cultural symbols, with making the planet a better place to live.