Tourism Forum 2016 @Queen Sirikit, Bangkok

 "Community-based Tourism as a Global Trend" is the theme of a high-level forum to be organised by the TAT Academy at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre on 16 January, 2016.

The day-long forum is the first major public activity organised by the TAT Academy since its formal establishment by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in September 2015.

Designed to be in line with the national government priority of promoting "Stability, Prosperity, and Sustainability", the forum will feature a number of foreign and local tourism experts who will present ideas and strategies to help the Thai tourism industry prepare for the new era of emphasising quality over quantity.


The highlight of the forum will be five presentations by Thai community-based entrepreneurs to discuss their experiences and challenges:

  • Coffee Journey: Mr. Ayu Chuepa, Co-founder of Akha Ama Coffee.
  • Like a Local by Local Alike: Mr. Somsuk Boonkham, Founder and CEO of Local Alike.
  • Local Whisky: Mr. Kawee Kokiatkun, Founder of Maajaidum.
  • Folk Fashion: Ms. Sukajit Daengchai, Mae TEETA, an organic textiles and clothes brand.
  • Local Chic Trip: Ms. Chayanich Thamparipattra, Co-founder of Hivesters.